Phil Staines Photography

Phil Staines Photography

High quality artwork for people to admire for both relaxation and inspiration

To have the highest quality artwork that people can admire in their home and find both relaxing and inspiring. Click on the link below to find out what inspires me.

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Who we are

Phil Staines Photography vision is to showcase Mother Nature’s power and beauty. We want to inspire people to see for themselves all Mother Nature has to offer.

Sharon and I have been together for five years and enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors, we also like to travel. Four years ago Sharon bought me my first camera, since then I have studied photography via correspondence and have been fortunate to spend time with and learnt from great photographers Ken Duncan and Luke Peterson. The knowledge and techniques they have passed on to me have been invaluable. I was born on the South Coast and later moved to rural NSW where I finished my schooling and started my automotive apprenticeship, I now live and work in Canberra but the coast still runs through my veins. Sharon and I are excited about starting our business where we can share all the different types of landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes we come across as we travel to the many beautiful places Mother Nature has to offer. We will do our best to have a Variety of prints to compliment any room of your home. It would be an honour for us to have one of our prints in your home.

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